Yard Clean Up Tampa

A well-kept lawn and rich land do more than boost your home’s appeal, it also gives you and your family a beautiful outdoor space to enjoy. Our Tampa Landscaping company strives to give just that a beautiful lawn. While a home improvement project like installing new kitchen cabinets is a one-time job, yard clean-up requires constant and regular maintenance. 

With great attention and proper care, you will have the greenest lawn in the neighborhood. There are different garden clean-up services offered in different companies. There are some common and usual services to be offered, which includes:


You should be careful of fallen leaves. Leaving unattended fallen leaves may suffocate the grass. You may rake them up and shred or dispose of them, depending on your town’s rules. Also, you have to make sure you are using a good rake that isn’t missing any time. 

Yard Clean Up Services Near Me?

Backyard clean-up services should easily take care of this problem and would ease you from all the trouble and issues to take care of. Once your lawn is clear of leaves, it will green up in no time and your buried perennial plants will begin to thrive.


Depending on your location, your grass may become a shade of tan than green. Fertilizer would give your lawn nutrients that it would need to become strong, healthy, and a rich shade of green. Aside from location, depending on the time and season, the frequency or schedule of fertilizing may also change. It would be best to consult gardeners or “yard clean-up services near me” for the recommended fertilizer you may use.


Mulching does lots of benefits on your land. Backyard cleaning services may also include mulching which helps your plantings retain moisture, create a weed barrier, and prevents soil erosion. It also gives your beds a finished look. 

Also, when mulching a bed for the first time it is wise to lay a preventative layer, like a weed blocking fabric, or several layers of newspaper between the mulch and the soil. This prevents any growth of seedlings and weeds that might be lurking in or under the soil from coming to the surface. You may even mulch in a combo with raking and use the raked materials as mulch.

Removing Debris or Decorations

Storms may normally leave lots of broken and messy sticks or branches everywhere. Gathering large debris before raking would make it easier. Clean up potted plants that have withered away already, and remove some decorations that may still be around. Clear out flower beds to keep the critters at bay. Pay special attention to rose beds, as their foliage can foster disease. Although there may be cheap yard cleaning services that can help clean up after holidays, storms, or other events that may need cleaning.

Yard Clean Up Tampa 

Although yard clean-up estimates around $200-$500 depending on the size, services, and conditions of the yard, it is still worth it since there may be situations, events, or occurrences that may need lots of effort and time for yard cleaning. The services above may be a small portion of the usual services offered, but you can always contact us directly and we can give you a free estimate.