Sod Installation Tampa

Need a quick new lawn? Maybe you are in need of quick-made, easy-to-maintain grass for your lawn? Then sod is what you are looking for. With sod, also known as turf, you can have a lawn in a matter of a few hours. Laying down sod would be fast, and with professionals, you can just sit back and wait a few hours for your new lawn or sod replacement.

Sod Installation Tampa Fl

Before taking action, it is better to plan and think about how you would first do things. Holder Landscaping company Tampa Fl is a sod installation company as well. Here at Holder Landscaping offer our services to replace or install sod on your lawn. In which case, you would not need to worry much and you may be able to leave it to the professionals. 

Planning ahead to ensure you have enough time to install and laying your sod before it starts to overheat is crucial. Sod cannot sit around in the heat for more than a couple of hours before it starts to overheat. You have to take into account questions such as, “what direction should I lay my sod”. By making sure you lay your first row against a straight edge, this could be along with your yard or fence or patio.

Also, if you order in large quantities, there would probably be a delivery, avoiding damaging the sod before installation. We offer the most professional sod installation in Tampa Fl and ensure that we provide high-quality services that would surely please and satisfy our customers. 

Prefer to do Sod Installation Yourself? 

If you would prefer to dirty your hands in installing sod, then here are some steps to help you set-up your sod:

  • Taking a soil test is essential to provide the best growing condition for the sod. By gathering soil samples from several places around the area you’ll be sodding, and taking the test, you may be able to determine the needed conditions and fertilizer be applied. It would be included if you try to look for “sod installation near me”.
  • Of course, it is also important to Measure the area and level your lawn, by doing so, you are setting up the area in which you may install the turf. The supplier you purchase from should ask detailed questions about your lawn, including hardiness zone, sunlight vs. shade, and other questions. This would determine the grass that would be on your turf.
  • Layering while unrolling the sod along with it, keeping it out of the turf, and layering your footprints while installing sod should not be forgotten. Smooth out loose areas or wrinkles, patting down the sod so it’s flat against the soil underneath it, with no air pockets.
  • “How much water sod after installation?” Water the installed lawn thoroughly, which also helps settle the soil. Try to keep foot traffic off the sod for a week. Water every day, preferably in the morning. During the heat of the day, you lose a lot of water to evaporation. And if you water at night, the sod goes to bed wet, which can encourage fungal disease.
  • And lastly, Mowing and Fertilizing the new turf. When the grass reaches 3 inches high, it’s time to mow it down to 2 inches. And you should allow your lawn about three to four weeks’ growth, then feed it again with a starter fertilizer to make up for nutrients that washed away during the heavy watering schedule.