The average price of lawn mowing in Florida is $41.43. The average prices are $77.48 per acre on a weekly frequency, $84.52 per acre on a biweekly frequency, and $91.56 per acre on a monthly frequency. It also differs by cities, such as $38.47 in Tampa.
The typical monthly costs of lawn care cost around $100 to $200 just to fulfill the general lawn care. The price goes up depending on the size of the yard and which services you would like, but it generally includes basic maintenance and lawn care services such as mowing, trimming, and hedging. Meanwhile, services such as gardening or weeding are considered additional services.
Usually, the normal frequency to cut the lawn would be weekly, but some lawns may require to be cut more often. Some lawns also grow more slowly, resulting in only being needed to be cut after one and a half, or two weeks. There is a so-called one-third rule that means, you should only cut not more than one-third of the grass blade, because more than one-third may result in harming the grass. It is most definitely recommended not to base the frequency of cutting the grass using the last time it was mowed but instead by judging the length of the lawn.
Lawn maintenance means keeping your property outdoors and yard clean. It ranges from preparing your lawn for spring, cleaning winter debris, mowing the yard, or even cleaning up before winter comes. It often involves weekly lawn mowing, regular watering, weeding, punning trees, and shrubs during summer, cleaning up and removing leaves and debris during fall to prepare for winter or removing dead winter growth and debris, cleaning driveways and walkways, or border edging driveways and walkways.
One of the mistakes homeowners or business owners in Florida makes is the misjudgment of trying to maintain their lawn but not mowing in the correct recurrence. The normal frequency should be to mow your lawn at least once a week, but some lawns may not require that. Depending on your area, if you get a lot of rain, then it may be best to mow twice a week. Florida often gets a lot of rain, but there may be times in which it does not rain as regularly and may get a smaller amount of rain in a few months. In cases like those, mowing once a week may actually be harmful to your lawn, therefore, you should mow every two weeks at most.