When you want a nice looking, well-kept lawn, you can call Holder Landscaping

Holder Landscaping is a top-tier landscaping company in Tampa, Florida, we are here to help make your yard better. Landscaping helps the land reduce soil erosion, sound pollution, and stormwater runoff which is beneficial for both landowners and the environment around them. Aside from being able to contribute and helping the environment, landowners may also transform their land into a pleasing and soothing place that everyone may enjoy. 

By taking into account the proper principles of art and designing, and the ability to determine the correct actions to take in order to keep the lawn healthy makes landscaping a mix of both art and science. Therefore, it may be too complex and may need help from professionals in this field. That is where landscaping services come up, in order to help people not used to this kind of work, they offer services that would be able to assist do this work for you. 

Planning for your lawn, judging and identifying the problems or changes to be made, and designing for possible changes and solutions are some of the duties of landscaping services. By thinking of the best designs and effects of the changes and designs to the format, they would devise the best course of action and plan to use for the modification of the land. Maintenance and maintaining the health of the land is also an important part of landscaping to show the stunning beauty of the yard. 

About Us 

We have been serving in Tampa Bay for almost 10 years. The satisfaction of our customers is our first priority and the services we offer are truly outstanding and professional. Our customers may be able to rely on us to enhance the appearance and practicality or take care of your lawn. By using the knowledge and skills toned to take care of gardening and landscaping, we offer to provide these services to fulfill our customer’s requests.


We are happy to be able to provide our skills to our customers no matter how big or small of a task it is. To be able to use our knowledge and ideas to plan for a beautiful and environment-friendly landscape is a great opportunity for us to serve and grow. Using each person’s capabilities and talents, we strive to help people and create individual experiences for us to develop and offer the best landscaping service.


By doing so, not only are we able to provide help for people and a cheerful environment for the community, and grow as a group and company but also help the environment avoid damage or small calamities. All in all, we strive for people to have a better experience, environment, and atmosphere in their land, and for people to enjoy their place more by giving the best services we can offer.


We offer services regarding landscaping whether planning and designing or redesigning, yard care, and maintenance. By doing so, we aim to meet our customer’s satisfaction and may result in creating a happier and more cheerful community.


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Tampa Lawn Services 

The maintenance and preservation of the beauty of a lawn is an important task and would require you to make use of lots of extra effort and energy. Lawn care is not such a simple task, aside from that, it also takes a toll on your time, energy, and maybe even to set aside one whole day dedicated to it may still not be enough to be able to maintain the beauty of your yard. 

Without the required knowledge or skills to be dedicated to lawn care, there would be more efficient and better ways to take care of your lawn, such as hiring a professional that is trained to take care of such things while you work or enjoy your day-off. 

Why hire a professional lawn service company in  Tampa fl 

Some people prefer to hire professionals for Tampa lawn care services not only to be efficient and reduce the workload of applying fertilizers, mowing and edging, aerating, re-seeding, cleaning-up, controlling pests, and other works but also because maintaining a healthy lawn requires great devotion, control, management, and attention.

Requirements such as attentiveness in fertilizing the crops since there are different types of fertilizers. Complex works such as to measure the soil acidity and determine missing elements from the soil to improve grass health and protect the land from contamination and draining of too much fertilizer. And other tasks would be hard to achieve without help.

Tampa Residential Lawn Care 

Lawn maintenance is also very important to yard owners, this is why we have added the lawn care and maintenance services option to clients who have chosen us to do their landscaping goals. Our company has been earning recognition for our services residential lawn mowing and maintenance in Tampa Fl, because of the high quality and affordable prices that we offer. 

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Affordable Lawn Care Service

We are also confident that we offer the best residential lawn care prices around Tampa, and residential yard maintenance is just one of our specialties that will surely help you bring out the best in your yard spaces. Our company is a lawn care and maintenance company that is serving people around Tampa, Florida. 

Residential Yard Care and Cleanup

We specialize in lawn care and mowing or residential lawn maintenance as well as landscaping. We give our clients flexible choices for designs and we also make sure to give out fair suggestions and ideas to guide them in choosing the best layout for their yard or spaces to further enhance the aesthetics of their houses or buildings. 

We are proud of the achievements and goals that we have helped turn into reality. Our team is passionate and all well trained to give you the best possible landscape layout and even lawn care maintenance.

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Commercial Lawn Care 

Lawn mowing and maintenance is a really hard task. It is very labor-intensive just to make sure that your yard or your space would look really good, good enough to receive guests, or even just good enough not to stress you out.

Why put yourself through that hardship if you could find commercial lawn care companies that offer a wide range of commercial lawn care services such as commercial lawn mowing, commercial lawn maintenance, commercial grass cutting, commercial lawn care, and other commercial lawn maintenance services that will give you ease, take your burdens away, and leave you with a very good sight right after. 

We have been loyal and faithful to all our clients bringing them only the best and high-quality commercial lawn mowing services that have helped them start bringing green to their houses, their offices, or even simply just their space. We have also helped numerous people keep the beauty of their place by giving them our lawn care maintenance services. 

From start to finish we are the premier lawn care company 

Other grass cutting companies offer limited services but with our services, you got all you need. We can help you from starting or setting up until the finished product, but it does not end there. You can be with us all throughout the time to assure maintenance of your landscapes Effortlessly bringing you a comfortable and fresh way of living.

Tampa Commercial Landscaping 

Landscaping commercial spaces is becoming one of the huge trends nowadays to attract more clients and potential clients to your space but this is not just for clients though, this is also proven to be an effective therapy to refresh the minds and give out more positive energy. 

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The right commercial landscaping company and commercial landscape contractors 

All you have to do is to find the right commercial landscaping company and commercial landscape contractors that would be able to serve your demands and to also find the most talented and gifted commercial landscapers in town to turn your imagination into reality and, of course, you must find the most affordable commercial landscaping service that offers you their commercial landscape service for really competitive pricing. 

There is no doubt that we will help you well throughout your journey, we will give you vast choices and options that will suit your preferences well and that will further improve the aesthetics of your space.

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Tampa Landscaping Design

Although Landscaping Designing can be very exciting for most people, resulting in them going straight to shop for supplies and decorations only to realize later that they were not fit for your lawn. However, creating a specific plan for your ideal landscape design can be very helpful for you and your landscape architect in Tampa to make this process smoother and successful. 

Landscape design tampa fl 

Landscape designing is not that simple of a task, it is easy to mistake the proper plants to be used for your yard or placing plants and decorations in a wrong or bad place. There are proper and simple tasks that can be followed whilst doing landscape designing. Making sure that you get to know the essential information of your yard like climate, soil type, topography, microclimate, and so on, is a basic yet important task to do. 

These details will help you know the kinds of plants that you can choose for your landscape. Even something as simple as following a certain theme would easily be appealing to the eyes and attractive to people.